Stomp Road, Burnham, Bucks, SL1 7NA


  1. The name of the club shall be Burnham Bowls Club.

  2. The object of the club is to provide facilities for and promote participation of the whole community in the sport of bowls.

  3. The club may appoint a President, Vice President and any other officers the Management Committee deem necessary.

  4. The club shall be managed by a Management Committee consisting of Chairman, Hon. General Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Captain, Vice-Captain, (both irrespective of gender), and a Bar Manager. The President may attend Committee Meetings in an ex-offico capacity without voting powers.

  5. The Management Committee shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting and no person may hold more than one of the six Management Committee offices simultaneously. Any vacancy occurring within the Management Committee shall be filled by the remaining Management Committee members co-opting any Club Member to hold office until the next Annual General Meeting. The quorum for Management Committee meetings shall be three members present in person who shall include either the Chairman or the General Secretary.

  6. The Management Committee shall be responsible for policy and planning within the club.

  7. A Management Committee member failing to attend three consecutive meetings shall, unless the failure was due to some reason approved by the Management Committee, cease to be a member of the Management Committee.

  8. A General Meeting shall be held annually on a date decided by the Management Committee but not later than January of the following year and fourteen days notice shall be given to all members. A Special General Meeting shall be held if considered necessary by the Management Committee or if a written request submitted to the General Secretary signed by at least twenty per cent of the playing membership. Notice for a Special General Meeting shall be as for an Annual General Meeting.

  9. Any proposed alterations to the Rules of the Club, signed by the proposer and seconded, must be in the hands of the General Secretary at least twenty-eight days prior to the date of the meeting. Any proposed alterations to the Rules will be displayed on the notice board fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for all Officers and Committee Members duly proposed and seconded and with the consent of the nominee must be in the hands of the General Secretary at least seven days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. Where there are more than the required number of nominees for a position a ballot vote will be held at the appropriate General Meeting. In the event of an equality of votes on a final ballot the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

  10. In all matters of voting at any meeting the Chairman at the time shall have a second or casting vote. The quorum for any General Meeting shall be twenty five members of whom five shall be Management Committee Members including the Chair and / or the General Secretary.

  11. Membership of the club and its facilities are open to all without discrimination and membership fees are set at a reasonable level as proposed and agreed at the Annual General Meetings.

  12. Any person wishing to be considered for membership (playing or social) will complete an application form signed by the applicant and a proposer and seconder who are both playing members one of whom shall have been a member for at least three years. The application form shall be posted on the club notice board for at least fourteen days prior to the next Management Committee Meeting, prior to which each applicant shall be asked to attend a sub-committee for an informal interview. The Management Committee may refuse membership.

  13. Social members may enjoy all the facilities of the club other than use of the bowling green. They may attend, but not vote, at any Annual General Meeting. Should a social member express an interest in playing bowls, he or she may apply to become a playing member. Social members are to be allowed 6 roll ups on the green with a Club Coach depending on availability and agreement with the Coach. This is subject to a green fee which is payable each time.

  14. Honorary Life Members may be created by the Management Committee in appreciation of sustained and meritorious service to the club. They shall have full voting powers and all other club privileges and shall not be obliged to pay any subscriptions.

  15. The annual subscription shall be due on the first day of October each year. The actual annual subscription shall be decided by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Any member who fails to pay by the 31st December following the due date shall be deemed to have forfeited the rights of club membership, which may be reviewed. Subscriptions from new playing members shall become due within 28 days following the date of their acceptance by the Management Committee. If the due date is after the 31st July then the first annual subscription shall be abated by one third.

  16. The annual subscription for playing members shall be £120.00 from 1st October 2019. Each year the Committee will post the proposed annual subscription for the following year on the Club Notice Board at least 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

  17. The annual subscription for social members shall be £25.00 from 1st October 2016.

  18. Any member under the age of sixteen or in full time education at the start of the bowling season, 1st May, shall be required to pay an annual subscription of £10.00

  19. Members may introduce visitors to the Club subject to both member and visitor signing the Visitors Book and the member paying for all the refreshments. No member shall be entitled to introduce more than three bona fide guests to the Club at any one time. Any individual visitor may only be signed in up to 6 times in any one year. A visiting bowler may be permitted to play on the green on payment of the green fee at the discretion of an officers of the Club.

  20. Members of visiting teams shall become temporary members. Sales of intoxicating liquors may be made to members and officials of visiting teams or clubs.

  21. The Captain, Vice-Captain, previous year’s Captain, and one playing member elected at the Annual General Meeting shall act as the Team Selection Committee.

  22. For all male teams (Bucks Cup, L&SC etc) the Selection Committee shall comprise male members.

  23. For all ladies’ teams (Top Club, Trundell etc) the Selection Committee shall comprise of female members.

  24. All money from any event or matter connected with the Club shall be handed to the Honorary Treasurer at the earliest possible time and placed in club funds.

  25. Any complaints from Club members shall be submitted in writing to the General Secretary who shall bring the same before the Management Committee to be dealt with at the next meeting.

  26. The Club shall maintain a licenced bar. A playing member shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting as Bar Manager and shall responsible to the Management Committee for the staff and running of the bar. The person in charge of the bar at the time shall have the right to refuse service to any person. The Club may be open for the sale of intoxicating liquors at times authorised by the Licensing Authority. Bar Hours shall be displayed in the Club House. Bar closing time shall normally be 11pm each night, but if specific approval is given by the Management Committee for any particular function, the bar may stay open until 1am. Applications for this extension must be made to the Hon Secretary prior to the committee meeting. Extensions will only be granted for genuine celebrations and only for Friday night, Saturday nights or public holidays. The Club shall not supply intoxicating liquors to any person under the age of eighteen years. The Clubs shall not supply intoxicating liquor for consumption off the premises except to a member in person. Children aged 6 years or younger are not allowed on Club House premises and with the grounds after 9.pm each day.

  27. The Management Committee shall have the power to make any Bye-laws they may deem advisable and not inconsistent with these Rules. Any such Bye laws shall be posted on the Club Notice board.

  28. The financial year of the Club shall be from 1st October to 30th September and a certified copy of the statement of Accounts for the preceding year shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting. The accounts of the Club shall be audited by two Auditors appointed at the Annual General Meeting. Copies of the accounts shall be made available in the Clubhouse at least seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

  29. All surplus income and profits are to be reinvested in the Club. No surpluses or assets will be distributed to members or third parties.

  30. If any member shall fail to observe any Rule or regulation of the Club or be guilty of any act or conduct to bring discredit to the Club or discomfort to its members the Management Committee shall call the attention of the member to the matter. The matter shall be dealt with according to the procedures of Bowls England Regulation 9

  31. The club recognises the Safeguarding and Child protection Policy as agreed by Bowls England. A copy of the agreement to the policy will be displayed on the Club Notice Board and reviewed every three years. The Club shall nominate a Welfare Officer to oversee the policy.

  32. All fixed assets of the Club for the time being to be vested in two trustees to be appointed by members of the Club at a General Meeting. The Trustees appointed for the purpose of this rule shall be indemnified by the Club in respect of all expenses incurred by then in carrying out their duties as Trustees and from and against all claims and demand made upon them as such Trustees. The power of appointing new Trustees shall for the purposes of the Trustees Act 1925 be vested in the Club members for the time being but in favour of a purchaser or other person dealing with the club. The certified statement of the Hon. Secretary as to who are the present Trustees of the club be conclusive evidence of the facts so stated.

  33. Delegates to any affiliated Bowls Association, to which the Club is affiliated, shall be appointed annually by the Management Committee.

  34. Upon the dissolution of the Club, any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to another registered CASC, a registered charity or another sports governing body for use by them in related community sports.

  35. A copy of the Club Rules shall be posted in the Club premises at all times.

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