Stomp Road, Burnham, Bucks, SL1 7NA



I last left the estate on the 19th March, until last week when I was told by the AA to give my car a run because of a flat battery, I went for a spin through Runnymede. Apart from that I am lucky in the fact that I can and do walk round the estate every day and then sit in the garden to read my book and take advantage of the glorious weather.

On VE day when we should have had a street party at the club with jelly and blancmange peaches and carnation milk, various sandwiches inspired by Wendy, just think what we all missed. It would seem that we all did our bit for the day, Lee sent me photos of his flags and those of George’s, I put all my small flags in the ground outside my front door and Robert made a design on the green using sticks and jacks, very inventive, he also decorated the entrance to his drive. Doug painted a picture of planes and poppies and also put a flag on his front door. In the evening I had a drink with 15 of my neighbours all at a safe distance, some of whom I had never spoke to before.

Bowls wise, Bowls England are doing a good job of keeping us in touch with developments, they have contact with Sport England who have a pool of money from the government to distribute to sports clubs who need funds to cover their outgoings. Approx. 150 bowls clubs have already received grants. 2 clubs that I know of have received £10,000 each. Hilary and Phil have put an application together for us. In a completely different vein Long Crendon Bowls Club in conjunction with their local council have received a grant of £50,000 from the Landfill Trust to improve their clubhouse and build another function room which can be used by the Long Crendon community.

The green is now open for healthy exercise and Robert has devised a system of bookings, which I understand is working very well. If you have not taken advantage of having a roll-up please do so especially if you are a newish bowler.

The green looks very good and our thanks must go to Robert, Len, Phil, Jeff and John who still work on the green and the surrounds, also thanks to Mark and Francis Hope who used their statutory exercise time in pulling weeds from the paths.

There has also been a lot of work carried out behind the scoreboard. At the request of our neighbours the area behind the hedge has been tidied up. Lots of trees have been cut down and the hedge has been reduced in height. We must say thank you to Martin, Len, Jeff, Robert, John Hilary and Lee for their efforts, we didn’t know the work wanted doing until our attention was drawn to it and now because of the lockdown it is done and dusted.

You will have all had an opportunity to exercise your little grey cells with the Quiz that Phil organised, I am glad he had a good return.

Lee continues to work with Colin on the website, if you have any ideas of what you would like the content to be, just let Lee know, he would also like to know what you think of it so far.

I gather from my phone calls that everyone remains cheerful, that telephone calls are very welcome. Most members are settled into a routine and have accepted the lock in period. We are all working out what the new regulations mean.

Did you all see the highlights of the FA cup in 1987, I sat with the scarf I wore on the day round my neck. Several of you reminded me that the film was being shown: thank you. Incidentally I am not the only football idiot, Lee is busily sorting out all his Fulham programmes. Is Martin doing anything with Liverpool? The Coventry v Tottenham final is the top game out of ten rated finals.

My culinary expertise is growing, the oven gets used a lot. I’ve worked out if I use the oven I do not need saucepans. Last night I actually ordered fish and chips from a shop in Windsor and had them delivered by Deliveroo, so you see as well as cooking I am learning how to use my laptop.

We must be getting nearer to meeting each other again.

Stay Safe