Stomp Road, Burnham, Bucks, SL1 7NA



Use of Club Facilities

Only Members and their guests are permitted to use the Club facilities.

Guests are only permitted if a full member is available to sign them into the Guest Book.

A Guest Book is positioned by the bar for this purpose.

Individual guests are limited to six visits per year, unless agreed by the Committee.

It is the responsibility of all members and their guests to keep children under control at all times when on Club premises.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed inside the clubhouse.

Smoking is not permitted on the Green.

Smoking is permitted around the green, however, members and guest are requested to use the ash trays provided.

Serving behind the Bar

Only Authorised Members may serve behind the bar. These persons will be key holders approved by the Bar Manager.

No other member should serve behind the bar or have any reason to be behind the bar (unless having first gained approval from the Bar Manager). Should the approved members staffing the bar need to leave for whatever reason the bar door will be temporary locked.

THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS BYE-LAW, if circumstances dictate, other playing members may be nominated to serve behind the bar, by the Bar Manager.

For non-club functions where volunteer bar staff is required, then these persons should be agreed by the Bar Manager in advance. These volunteer bar staff will be required to operate the bar to the standards required by the Bar Manager.

Use of the Kitchen

The kitchen is an extremely valuable asset to the club and improper use and the lack of care and attention can prove costly. Also, it can be the source of health risks if not properly looked after and cleaned diligently; as such, please treat this facility as you would your own kitchen.

Hiring of the Club House for Private Functions

The Club House may be used by full members and their direct families for parties, celebrations and meetings, or similar, by application to the Social Secretary, normally at least six weeks prior to the request date. This requirement is intended to facilitate review and approval or rejection by the Bar Manager and the remainder of the Committee.

Where a booking is made by a member on behalf of their family, it is expected that the member will be present at all times during the function and take full responsibility for opening up, cleaning and closing down the Club House following the event. The member will also be responsible for agreeing bar cover with the Bar Manager.

Applications will also be considered from Social members and non-members. They must however be endorsed by the Social Secretary. In such cases the aforementioned applications procedure also applies.

Should applications be approved, the following donations to club funds are applicable:

Playing Member £25 With a refundable deposit of £200
Social Member £50 With a refundable deposit of £200
Non-Member £100
Or £25 per Hour (with Bar)
Or £35 per Hour (without Bar)
Minimum Charge £50
With a refundable deposit of £200

For non-club functions the hirers would normally be expected to recognise the efforts of the volunteer bar staff with a recommended level of gratuity.

Where bookings (to include bar service) is made by a full member, then it is the responsibility of that member to enlist their own bar staff, confirmed with the Bar Manager.

Please note that the deposit is payable at least 7 days prior to the hiring. In the event of any damage what so ever, the Committee reserves the right to retain the whole or whatever proportion of the deposit that it deems necessary, to make good any damaged caused during the hiring.

The Committee reserves the right to refuse any application for hire without recourse to the applicant as to the cause.

Vacating the Premises

The last person to leave the Club House is responsible for ensuring all lights are switched off, all doors and windows are securely locked and that the main alarm is activated. Upon leaving the premises to ensure that the main gate is padlocked.


Please ensure that you park properly and unselfishly at all times to ensure maximum use of the car park. Under no circumstances must vehicles be parked in front of the Club gates.

Members’ Property

With the exception of bowls bags, members are asked not to leave or deposit any of their personal property or equipment on Club premises. Bowls bags can be left in the changing rooms but must be stowed in racks (where provided) or under seats (not on the seats).

The Club reserves the right to dispose of any discarded clothing or property not in compliance with the above Bye-law.

Personal Property Lost or Stolen

Burnham Bowls Club accepts no responsibility for personal property lost or stolen whilst on Club Premises or in the adjoining car park.

Use of the Green

No item of equipment belonging to the Club may be borrowed or removed from the Club by any member without the express consent of the Honorary Secretary.

All playing equipment, be it for roll ups, competitions or a match is to be stowed away in the correct location upon completion of play.

Any player found to be damaging the green, in whatever circumstances, will be warned verbally, once, as to their conduct. If the said damage continues the player will be asked to leave the green immediately.

Club Competitions and Representative Matches

Applications to play in any team representing the Club, will only be considered when a member has played in four weekend matches. The only exception to this rule will be for new members in their first year of joining the Club and Life members.

Dress Code

Approved Dress


Burnham Bowls Club accepts no responsibility for injury or damage suffered by any member or visitor who elects to wear sandals on the green.


All bowls must have a single set of Burnham Bowls Club stickers for all Representative games, Club matches or Club Competitions. Multiple layers of stickers (two or more) are expressly forbidden.

Match Fees

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays    £3.00

Burnham Bowls Club Bye-laws
Revised and Approved by the Club Committee
April 2019